Teaching Dog to Sit – 3 Easy Steps

The same basic concept applies to most all tricks when it comes to dogs. In this article I want to go over that concept and apply it to teaching dog to sit.

The concept I’m talking about here is positive reinforcement. The dog is man’s best friend because they aim to please. When teaching just about any trick, we need to try to use this to our advantage.

How? Simple. Issue rewards when the desired action is performed. The hardest part of teaching a trick to your dog is getting them to perform it the first time.

Therefor, we use our human ingenuity to do that part! The example I want to use is teaching dog to sit.

STEP 1. Get a small piece of your dog’s favorite treat. Copper kettle Take the treat and hold it above your dog’s nose. Naturally, your dog is going to be looking up trying to get the treat into eating range.

STEP 2. Slowly raise the treat up and more towards his back so he has to keep looking further up. Because of your dog’s body structure, the further he looks up, the more his butt is going to go down. Eventually, he will be sitting.

STEP 3. Just after he sits, say “Sit” then follow it up with enough praise (and maybe even the treat) so that he knows how pleased you were with him.

Remember that he has no idea what “sit” means right now, so when training dog to sit, remember that saying sit over and over again isn’t going to have any effect on the outcome.

Also on that same note, don’t punish your dog for not picking up on this trick right away. While some dogs can learn to sit in 5 or 6 repetitions of this, other dogs may need around 15.