Take the Mystery Out of Teaching Dogs Discipline

Teaching dogs discipline can be a challenging ordeal.

Like teaching children the differences between right and wrong and what’s allowed vs. what’s frowned upon, successfully training a dog takes patience and plenty of practice. And, of course, it’s a lot harder than many of us think.

For instance, most people have no idea that you can only discipline your dog for a bad deed when the dog is actually doing the deed. For instance, you go in the back to take a shower. When you come back, the puppy has urinated on the floor. Since you’re dealing with housetraining a dog, How to teach dog to roll over you take his or her nose, put it close to the urine and give a firm “no.” But guess what? All you’re doing is confusing the dog.

For the dog to learn that urinating inside the home is not allowable, you must catch the dog in the act, stop them, give a firm “no” and then immediately take them outside to where their designated bathroom area is. When they finish urinating, shower praises all over them. Let them know that pee’ing in that particular spot is a way to get praise and treats. Do this without fail and pretty soon you’ll see remarkable results. The good news is your buddy will be well on their way to being housetrained. The bad news, of course, is that this is the perfect example of how easy it is to not properly train your dog. When results come too slow or not at all, people then think they have a “bad” dog, when in reality, they’re just a bad trainer.