Questions First-timers Dating TS Escorts Are Curious to Ask but Are Afraid To

Watching a beautiful woman in a commercial having beautiful hair and full lips only to find out that she is a transgender woman. She even has a feminine voice as she talks about the product she is promoting. You feel attracted to TS and plan to go on a date.

It is easy! Guys in Paris look for LoveSita escort agency. They browse through trans women profiles and choose an interesting one. Many first-timers suffer from a disastrous experience and are still unaware of what went wrong. You may have asked an offensive question, which backfired. Below are some questions first-time guys dating transgender are curious to ask but are afraid.

  •       How does a TS vagina feel like?

After transformation, the TS feels like coming home and starting a new life.

  •       Does it lubricate itself?

A self-lubricating special type of surgery is needed. Otherwise, coconut oil or quality lubricant is also used, when their pussies don’t get wet naturally.

  •       Do post-op tranny enjoy anal?

Some are open for anal, so guys can try it but ask the escort first.

  •       Are TS-women real-men disguising to be females?

No, TS-women are not playacting and are not male. They are women in the wrong body. Never misgender a TS! Gender identity can be a little complex while communicating. Some think they are female, while a few believe them to be male and there are others that desire to be binary [male & female]. The human body is dimorphous. Gender is a flip of genes in embryonic development otherwise bodies are similar.

  •       Can TS-women have an orgasm?

Trans-women can have an orgasm in several ways like having their clits stroked and licked by some hot guy. TS-women have penis sex with their partners and cum. They even enjoy nipple, prostate, and anal orgasms. Besides, just lying under the sun and allowing warm rays to heat their cooch makes them enjoy ecstatic orgasm. TS women are completely into orgasms!

  •       During gender change, does the penis of TS get cut?

No, their penis doesn’t get cut off during sex change. Reconstructive and plastic surgery is performed on their sensitive skin with plenty of nerve ends. Nerve endings, tissue, and skin are repurposed to create another amazing body organ—a vagina having healthy tissue and stretch to allow penetration of penis, dildo or vibrator. The same tissue is used to make the clitoris, which swells on stimulation and looks good.

  •       Why TS women suffer from gender issues?

TS women are not psychotic or dangerous but have common depression issues called gender dysphoria. TS women are resilient and strong but still human, so whenever you meet them be gentle and respect their limits.

TS women are females but exist in society as a fetish object, whose main aim is to gratify males sexually. Fortunately, this thinking is slowly vanishing, as TS women are seen to be as deserving as regular born females in terms of satisfaction, pleasure, and orgasm.

The fabulous TS escort will amaze and inspire you be prepared!