A Review of the Wisdom Bamboo Collar

This is a review of the Wisdom Bamboo collar, an eco-friendly dog collar that any dog can wear.

Are you looking around for a designer dog collar for your dog that is economic and good for the environment? Then look no further, because the Wisdom Bamboo is the one that you want. This is one stylish collar that any dog is going to like wearing. Look at the different things that this wonderful collar offers:

o Eco Friendly – comes with an overlay of cork on a bamboo fabric. Copper kettle┬áThe cool thing is that the cork retains the cork piece’s natural shape, but it also has a blue vein that is running through the cork’s’ texture.
o Adjustable with an EZ lock buckle – will fit your dog’s neck easily.
o Organic dyes
o Inexpensive – Price between $13 and $23, affordable for just about any dog owner.

People love this wonderful collar because it’s something that is affordable and that is going to fit with any dog’s collars or styles. Too many collars use materials that affect the environment, but you can use this one because you know that you are doing something that is going to help the environment.

Here are the different sizes for this amazing collar:

o Small – Starts at 8″ and expands to 14″ with an width of 3/8″
o Medium – Starts at 14″ and expands to 20″ with a width of 5/8″
o Large – Starts at 15″ and expands to 26″ with a width of 1″

As you can see, this collar is one collar that will fit just about any dog’s neck. You can start out with a small when your dog is a puppy, then go to a medium, and finally a large. And with the small price that this designer dog collar costs, you are going to feel good about keeping your dog in a collar that is good for it and the environment.